Corona update 09-05-2020

There are many concerned messages and questions. Understandable. But here’s what we know.

Last Thursday 7 May, the government gave a speech. Nothing has been said here about when we are allowed to open. It is clear, however, that this is not going to happen before 2 June. A decision will be taken at the end of May. Until at least mid-July, major events are not allowed.

In the speech of 28 April, the Prime Minister of France said that the cafes, bars and restaurants would be allowed to reopen from 2 June if the health conditions permit. The speech on 7 May promised that they would have to remain in the green zone. The choice of color has to do with a combined sum of the number of infections, the numbers of hospitalizations and the amount of available tests present in that region. Fortunately, the Drôme falls into the green area. Interested in a map of France?
Click the following link: Coronavirus Strategie

We can't do more than getting your campsite back in order, get ready for a corona-resistant holiday and wait...

Tjerk and Ellis

Ps: once again we have received many sweet cards, emails and messages. Very heartwarming; we would like to thank everyone for it!

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